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Texas Transportation Institute performs funded research in the field of surface transportation, and researchers routinely develop software to facilitate research activities. However, over the years, only a few such programs have been refined for release to the general public. The PASSER™ series of programs fall under this category, and they are commercially available from selected vendors.

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A demo version of PASSER™ V-09 is available under Downloads.

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What is PASSER™?

PASSER™ V-09 - a Windows®-based, user friendly signal timing program for arterials and diamond interchanges. PASSER™ V combines the key fearures of PASSER™ II under a graphic user interface. In addition, it provides new technology for developing timing plans to minimize system delay.

PASSER™ II-02 - a Windows®-based, user-friendly signal timing optimization program for arterials. The program seeks to maximize two-way arterial progression and to minimize signal delay. In addition, it can be used to evaluate the existing operation of isolated signals and signalized arterials.

PASSER™ III-98 - a Windows®-based program for analyzing or optimizing the operation of signalized diamond interchanges. The program can evaluate existing or proposed signalization strategies, determine signalization strategies that minimize average delay per vehicle, and calculate signal timing plans for individual interchanges or up to 15 interconnected interchanges along one-way frontage roads. For interconnected interchanges, PASSER™ III maximizes progression along the frontage roads.

PASSER™ IV-96 - a DOS-based program for timing traffic signals in multi-arterial signalized networks. It maximizes progression in all arterial directions. PASSER™ IV is capable of optimizing signal timings for arterials as well as multi-arterial closed-loop networks.


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